Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 photos

Here are some photos I took from Thanksgiving Day 2008. (With my new Canon EOS Rebel XS!)

My Niece, Megan and her four month old daughter Andrea.

My bro in law, Ed, getting ready to put some food in the big outdoor oven

My youngest sister, Melissa, holding a sleeping Andrea when I first arrived.

No one remembered to bring/get napkins so Ed used the leftover Power Ranger ones from my nephew, Connor's birthday party. Funny huh?

Isn't this a pretty table? Ed actually set it up like this and then called me to get a photo before everyone sat down. I have my family trained well!

Look! Andrea is trying to lift herself up to crawl!
My nephew, Jacob is texting a friend and my dad is sitting next to him watching the Cowboys game.

I think this is my favorite photo from Thanksgiving. Andrea is laying on her mom's shoulder.

My bro in law, Donnie with his son Jacob. Nice to see smiles!

Um....slight problem in the outdoor oven. Ed had turned on the fan inside, not realizing my mom had just put the sweet potatoes in there. The fan blew some of the marshmellow topping off and it smoked really bad on the bottom of the oven.


danica said...

Great photos Dawn, and looks like a wonderful time!

Candace said...

Andrea looks so sweet! The one you said was your favorite - that's my fave, too! LOL about the marshmallows!

Scrappycath said...

You're taking really great photos with that new camera!