Thursday, October 9, 2008

Camp Shadow Pines 2008

A few weeks ago, I went on a family church retreat with members of my church at Camp Shadow Pines, near Heber, AZ, in the White Mountains. Weather was so awesome and I had a really nice time!

Don't I look all relaxed!

This was part of the facilities at Camp Shadow Pines. Very "summer campish" but had a great time and it only cost $80 per person! The weather was awesome too!

Actual grass behind me and my friend Sis Stacy!

This is an adorable girl named Abigail, who is the daughter of one of my friends. She loves getting her pic taken, so I let another lil girl take this pic. She did well!

This is me and my BFF Sis Mellisa in front of the welcome sign.

Pastor's wife, Sis. Lydia, Sis Rebecca Jones at the piano (our guest speaker at the women's breakaway on Saturday am,) Sis Melba and Sis Anna, singing worship songs before we start in.

A big group photo!

This is Pastor Michael Jones and his wife Rebecca, who came from Indiana to preach and teach, standing alongside my pastor's wife, Sis Lydia and my pastor, Daniel Lizarraga.
Some of the kids having fun with dandelions!

Some of us gals in front of the ever popular welcome sign!

We had hayrides too!

Softball game was organized on Saturday afternoon, although I was taking a nap in my room because my legs were incredibly sore from volleyball the night before in the gym.

Friday Bonfire Service!

Pastor Jones bringing down the Word of God at the Bonfire service on Friday evening.

My BFF, Sis Mellisa and me at the Bonfire Service.

Crazy Mellisa! Love her fun personality!

Volleyball on Saturday afternoon.

Horseshoes!! I played this for awhile. Loved it!

This is me and my friend, Sis Deanna. I call her Sister Smiley because she is ALWAYS smiling!!


Cathy said...

Great photos. Off to check out some of your work

Trisha said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!!