Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do Over Please or Toddlers, Teenagers and Trying Times.

Ok, so I am sure you have heard of "do overs" right?
Well, I am shouting DO OVER with regards to blogging every week or more.
My friend Amanda sweetly reminded me today, so here I am!

I am still trying to get some changes made in my life. I am trying to be sensitive to the move of God.
It can be very difficult. I wish it wasn't, but it has been lately.
I seriously want to go back to being the always-happy person I was just over two years ago.

Life has been so incredibly busy. We now have three adults, two teenagers, one toddler and three dogs living in this less than 2000 sq ft house. To say things are going smoothly, wouldn't be completely true, but to say things are going badly, would not be true either. We are all trying to figure out how to make things work, not get on each others nerves too much, and be able to cohabitate without too much drama.
That said, having my 19 mo old great niece Drea around has been such a joy!

She keeps us all in stitches with her amazing language skills. Every word with an S has a lisp on it. And she repeats EVERYTHING said, so let's just say, so far so good on that! haha!

She just adores our dogs. No, I mean REALLY adores them. When I yell to the dogs, "Time to eat!" she is right there, trying to help. Even literally hand-feeding them. Especially the Roxy, the puppy.

OK, so I will do better with this blogging thing. It actually was nice putting these things to words. :)


Amanda said...

So glad to have you back! Love the photo with Andrea and her glasses! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

A lisp just like her cute. Try living in this crazy house: 4 adults, 3 overactive kids, a 9 month old crazy boy and a yappy chihuahua. I'm adding you to my links. Have a blessed day.