Sunday, July 19, 2009

Andrea Time and her 1st birthday!

I had such an enjoyable week having Megan and Andrea here with me while mom and dad went camping! Andrea has the cutest personality, but boy does she have a temper!! Whoooooo!
Her 1st birthday was 7/17!
Here are some pics I took.
Pretty Andrea playing with a car that belongs to my nephew Connor.

Bikini Baby! One of my youngest sister's friends got this for her!
Isn't she cute!

Here is 'Drea playing with her baby buggie!

Look who is super mobile now and loves to carry her toys around!

This is a cute musical toy that spins and plays music when she presses that purple button down.

This is her birthday outfit that we got her for her 1st birthday, which was 7/17!

My youngest sister, Melissa, playing with Andrea.

This is her train toy we got her for her birthday! She picked it out over dollies and all things pink! She LOVE balls and putting things inside other things! (Dump and fill)

Aren't her hightops cute?

Megan and Andrea.

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Sarah said...

Aw Dawn Andrea is just gorgeous - and I totally love the teeny-weeny bikini!!! Can't believe she's one already. Happy Birthday cutie patootie!!