Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Oh boy, I have not been doing good with keeping my blog up to date! I will try to get better at it! Whew, do I have so many pics to post!
Here are some random holiday images around our house from Christmas.

Isn't Andrea's holiday outfit the most adorable thing?

Ralphy, kickin it under the idol tree, oops I mean the Christmas tree.
(Idol tree comment is a family joke!)

I love this angle I caught with Ralphy looking up, almost seemingly at the tree.

We had lovely holidays, with Megan and Andrea spending most of their three weeks at our house. What bliss that was to have a baby going through milestones in the midst of the holiday stuff!
Here are some photos of major CUTENESS from the December visits,
through the holidays and into first week of January.

Note the bib signage. Haha!

Big eyes!

Mason and Andrea have a fun moment.

I was so thrilled that I caught this UBER adorable grin on Andrea's face!

My youngest sister, Melissa with my lil nephews, Connor and Mason.

Connor and Mason's new puppy, Saylor, was lounging next to the gifts on Christmas Eve.

Andrea has HAD IT with her hat!

The adults smiling so nice, but babies just have to fuss sometimes!

Gangs all here on Christmas Eve! On top left is Skyler, top right is Mason, then Melissa, Megan, holding Andrea, and Connor is in the front.

Megan and Andrea kickin it on Christmas Eve.

Andrea loves her new jumper that her nana and grampa gave her!

Connor and Mason opening a gift together.

Mom is in craft happyland!!

We posed Andrea in front of the tree, next to the gifts.

Jacob wasn't feeling good, but after nana prayed over him, he was so much better that he came out for gift opening! Thank You God!


Kelly said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun with the new camera. Andrea looks SO cute in her little Christmas dress :)

Candace said...

Great shots, Dawn!!